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The New Horizons Symphony at New Mexico State University is a member of the New Horizons International Music Association. The group provides opportunities for adults to either return to their musical roots or explore their artistic side for the first time. The first New Horizons Band was created by Dr. Roy Ernst of the Eastman School of Music. Today there are many New Horizons bands and orchestras around the world. Our orchestra has been performing since 2003.

Our dues are very low - $50.00 for the school year. This amount covers music, printing, rental of the performance hall, use of the timpani as well as other instruments, and the payment of sound system technicians for the concerts. Some orchestras charge $300 and $400 per semester, thereby eliminating many people who would like to play. Some have to rent practice space, chairs and stands, and have to pay their conductor. Our conductor is a volunteer!

We sincerely thank all of our patrons and contributors. We usually do not charge admission at our concerts but will be happy to accept donations, which will be used to pay general operating expenses such as hall rental, guest artist fees, music, and supplies. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and are totally funded by donations which are tax deductible. 

Want to Join?

We are currently seeking musicians to join the orchestra, specifically violin, trumpet, and percussion players.

Want to Join?
Want to Join?


Thursdays, 7 - 9 p.m.

NMSU Band Room

School of Music

New Mexico State University

New Horizons Symphony Board

Barbara Creider, PRESIDENT



Rusty Smith, TREASURER


Jorge Martinez-Rios, EX-OFFICIO MEMBER


Ann Berman, Member at Large

Cesar Camarena, Member at Large

Jesse Galindo, Member at Large

Ross Palmer, Member at Large

Kathy Ray, Member at Large

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