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According to our bylaws, the mission of our orchestra is to provide musical education and performance opportunities to adult musicians with a goal of establishing and maintaining a symphony orchestra for the enjoyment of the players at the highest level possible commensurate with the training and ability of its members.

How to Join

1.  If you are interested in joining the orchestra, we encourage you to attend a concert or a rehearsal first.  Some people may find it helpful to review current music selections in addition to attending a rehearsal to evaluate level of play.  If you are a beginner or it has been a while since you've played, individual instruction might be beneficial.  If possible, we may be able to assist you in finding a teaching professional.

2.  Contact for more guidance after you have read the information in this handbook.

3.  Playing samples (video, in person, or participations at a few rehearsals) may be required at the option of the music director.  These may be used to determine where to place you within a section.  Winds, brass and percussion parts are generally solo parts and it is important to know if the fit will be a good one.

4.  If accepted for membership by the music director, please bring a completed membership form and dues check (payable to New Horizons Symphony at NMSU) to the next rehearsal.


1.  The orchestra is a nonprofit 501c (3) corporation.  Membership dues help fund the many costs of running the orchestra, such as hall rental and technician fees, music and scores (when not available from IMSLP), printing and supplies, soloist expenses, honorariums, hiring musicians for special parts, etc.  We also rely heavily on donations from the community.

2.  Our dues are extremely low ($50).  Payment is due the first week in October and covers the entire season regardless of the number of concerts in which a member participates.  Dues are optional for out-of-towners.  Full-time students are exempt but may contribute if they wish!

General Schedule (follows academic year)

Weekly rehearsals Thursday evening 7-9 pm (mid-August thru mid-May)

Place:  Music Building band room at NMSU, Las Cruces, NM

Concert dates:  Three per year:  fall, winter and spring usually at 3 pm on Sunday with mandatory dress rehearsal Saturday morning.

Place:  Atkinson Recital Hall on NMSU campus Las Cruces, NM

Commitment and Attendance

1.  Members are entitled to well-organized and effective rehearsals.  In return, members have an obligation to work toward improving the quality of the orchestra as a whole, while at the same time bettering their own musicianship. Members must be committed to attending rehearsals and practicing regularly at home and in sectionals.  While we are not "paid" musicians, we are "paid" through the music itself and the enjoyment of making music together.

2.  If you must miss a rehearsal, please give advance notice to your section leader (winds, brass, percussion) or stand partner (strings).  Section leaders need to advise the music director of their absences and provide a substitute when requested.

3.  If you must miss a rehearsal, you are responsible for finding out what happened at the rehearsal so you can mark your parts and practice accordingly.

4.  You may be ineligible to perform in an upcoming concert if you have not attended at least 80% of scheduled weekly rehearsals.  Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory.  Please be assured that extenuating circumstances will be considered when the music director and section leaders make a decision in this area.

5.  If you will not be able to play in a particular concert please let your section leader and music director know.

Music and Equipment

1.  Most of our music is in the public domain via IMSLP.  Links are provided in advance of rehearsals for members to download.  Any music not available through IMSLP will be provided to members.

2.  While stands are normally available for our use in rehearsals, have a portable stand with you just in case.  Make sure you have all the items you need to rehearse and perform.  Members are asked to help set up and put away chairs and stands at rehearsals.

Professional Concert Dress Code

Men:  Dark jacket, pants, shoes/socks (black preferred), white shirt, bow tie

Women:  Black pants/top or long dress and black stockings/shoes.  Refrain from fingernail polish and jewelry which might distract the music director of audience.

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