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The New Horizons Symphony at New Mexico State University is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Tax-deductible donations can be

made online using the "Donate" button at the top of each page or by mailing to:

New Horizons Symphony

P.O. Box 773

Las Cruces, NM 88004-0773



Thanks to the New Mexico State University Music Department for generously providing us with the weekly rehearsal space.

Louis Alfaro

Lynford and Judith Ames

Susan Ansara

Jane and Marion Asche

Nancy Baker

Karen and Gary Bartholomew

Virginia Beattie

Leonice Beatty

Bill and Jackie Beaty

Jean Berlowitz

Robert and Cheryl Beymer

Jodie Bixby

Mary Louise Bosshardt

Skipper Botsford

Bob and Sheila Brack

William and Corine Breedlove

Nancy Breard

Marianna Burden

Grete Bush

Larry and Connie Candelaria

Mary Anna Carlson

Tom and Marie Carroll

Linda Chadwick

Dennis Cherry and Denise De Mercy

Xandra and Bob Church

Citizens Bank of Las Cruces

Conrad Senior Instrument Endowment

Dr. Carlos and Teresita Corral

Toby DeVoss and Bob Cooley

Virginia Crane

Joe and Sharon Dearing

Arlene Dohr

Nancy L. Dowdney

Karen Dunn

Benay Edwards

Mark Edwards

Vicki Edwards

Dwight and Carol Eggers

Charles Fredrick

Michael Goldman

Carolyn Gressit

Eva Guggenheim

David Hall

Charles Harper

Roseann Hernandez

Elmer and Nancy Houghten

Robert and Lotte Hulsman

Maryce Jacobs

Carole F. Jarden

David Johnson

Rose Josefa and Eligio Vigil

Phyllis and John Judd

Gary and Sheila Kienzie

Marlys Kleppe

Joyce Knauss

Linda Kruger

Susan and Yosef Lapid

Janet and Steve Loman

Lundeen Inn of the Arts

Moises and Dora Margolis

Peter and Sandra McCracken

Margaret McLaughlin 

Elizabeth Moore and Bob Riley

James Moore and Max Dean Lively

Ken Neidig

Weeden and Rosalie Nichols

Justin Oberman

Daniel P. Petersen

Linda Plitkins

Jean Prebble and Ron Graham

Ranchway Restaurant

Kathryn and Karl Ray

Randall Rowen

Sheila Sachs

David Schreuder

Ray and Vi Scroggins

Robert Sheridan

Marianne Shields

Ernestine Simmons

Sleep Lab of Las Cruces

Jeanette Smith

Howard Smolkin

Joe and Jill Somoza

Lorraine Southward

Estate of Eugenia Staszewski

Charles and Nita Swartz

Peggy Swoveland

Sara Thompson Orton

Randy Thornley

Mary Tooke

Vic and Becky

Judith Waite

Joan Warden

Susan Waters

Carla Williams

Joyce Ziegenhagel

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